Strasbourg zen centre calendar for 2017



9 september 2017 Zazen morning
11 November 2017 Samou morning
16/17 June 2018 Fête du Bouddha - Strasbourg


Talks by Master Wang-Genh "A Zen view of the major teachings of Buddhism" :

These formal teachings will be given on wednesday evening during zazen meditation sessions,. They concern the fundamental points of Buddhist teaching : karma, non-self, interdependence...

Approximate times : zazen 30 minutes - kinhin 5 minutes - zazen 20 minutes - teachings from 8.15 pm to 8.40 pm. more info HERE.

This calendar only concerns events at the Strasbourg Zen Centre. If you wish to know about activities at the buddhist monastery of Ryumon Ji in Weiterswiller their calendar is here.

Information : or 03 88 75 06 50 (between 2pm and 6:45p wednesday, friday and between 2pm and 5:30pm on saturday).



All wenesday evening, you can participate to a dokusan ( individual talk ) with Master Reigen Wang-Genh. This talk unfold during the first part of zazen ( meditation ). Practical informations will give you on the spot.


Samou is one of the practice of zen buddhism. It consist to give his time and energy to the community, in gift's spirit. Samou´s morning, organize regularly, are the occasion to do a deep cleaning of local, reparation, or even repaint/develop some spaces. All adherent are welcome to help !

*Kesa sewing

Kesa is a traditionnal clothes wear in zen buddhism. It is sewn by adherent, in a spirit of focus and precision. Sewing's afternoon unfold regularly at zen center, open for all.

*Association of zen buddhism center, GRAZI

Regional group of Zen International Association. This is the association who was created in 1978 to manage the center. Members meet each month and a general meeting unfold each year. Master reigen Wang-Genh hold the presidence.

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