Zen Online lets you practice at home while listening to the audio livestream from a Zen monestary in France.

Meditation is done live, it is not possible to record. The timetables are listed below.

You will have access to the ritual sounds of beginning and end (bells, drum) and sometimes to teachings given during practice.

The timetables below are indicative and may change depending on particular circumstances.



Listen to our Zazen ( meditation ) livestream:


If you want to use a streaming app like VLC player or Itunes, you can directly connect to




Timetable for beginner's sesshin 22-23 february 2020

Friday evening : no zazen

Saturday 7:00 - 11:00 - 17:30 - 20:30

Sunday 6:30 - 11:00

Timetable during " ordinary life / monastic weeks "



Monday 18:45

Tuesday 6:30 - 18:15

Wednesday 6:30 - 18:15

Thursday 6:30 - 18:15

Friday 6:30 - 18:15

Saturday 7:30 - 18:15

Sunday 7:30


The meditation sessions are organised in one of two ways.

Either :

Zazen for 40 minutes then 10 minutes kinhin (walking meditation) then 35 minutes zazen followed by a ceremony 

or alternatively :

Zazen for 50 minutes followed by a ceremony.

Which of these is used is not arranged in advance.

Zen meditation (EN tempo)

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German langage Sangha

Others center in France

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