Calligraphy Weekend

With Jacques Kugen Foussadier


This course introduces beginners to the subtle art of the brush stroke, basic kanji (japanese characters), and appropriate posture and breathing. For experienced students, the course offers a deeper knowledge of kanji and composition. 

Please bring a calligraphy brush, ink, and paper. Beginners can purchase necessary materials at the monastery. 

Jacques Kugen Foussadier was born in Paris on December 8 1942. After seven years of study at Beaux-Arts de Rouen and Paris, he followed the encouragement of his teachers and began to practice Asian arts. In  1969, he began a long apprenticeship with Master Ung-No Lee. Thus began his study of brush, ink, and rice paper: calligraphy, that unforgiving art which is mirror of one´s state of mind.  

Jaques followed the only path to master this subtle art: concentration and endless repetition, which unifies the subject and the object on the deepest level. This repetition allows the calligraphy to emerge as naturally as spring water.  



Jacques Kugen Foussadier is an artist in three areas :


-Chinese ink painting

-Stamp engraving which he develops to create new compositions


For more information, please follow the links : calendrier and infos pratiques.


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