Silent Retreats: Rôhatsu and Gotan-Sesshins

Sesshin in celebration of the Buddha´s date of birth (Gotan-e)

and the Buddha´s awakening (Rôhatsu )

April 8th and December 8th are two very important days for Buddhism; the former marks the birth, and the latter the enlightenment of the historical Buddha. To celebrate these occasions, special retreats are organized at the monastery. These retreats are almost completely comprised of zazen, with little teaching or samu. These sesshins are open to everyone, but are especially suited to monks and nuns. These challenging experiences are crucial for all practitioners of the way of Buddha. 


It is particularly important to be present from the beginning to the end of these sesshins. 


You can find more information by following the links calendrier and infos pratiques

photos of the Rohatsu-sesshin 2012. 

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