Visiting the Dana house

Visiting the temple

The monastery and Dana House are open for visits every day between 2pm and 6pm.

The chapel and and gardens are open to the public. Information panels and handouts are available.

Entrance is free, a collection box is available for gifts.

Please ask at reception for access to the Dana House.


Guided tours :

The temple's monks and nuns will be happy to show you round the monastery and explain the practice of zen buddhism.

To organise a guided visit please telephone 03 88 89 26 02. Both individual and group visits are possible.

The price is 5 euros per person (reduced rates for groups) 


A place of peace and meditation :

Meditation cushions and chairs are made available in the chapel for those wishing to enjoy a moment of peace. Anyone wishing to meditate, pray or simply rest is welcome. Please ask at reception for the chapel to be opened. (between 2pm and 6pm)


It is also possible to come to the monastery to learn meditation. Please contact the temple for information.


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