JUKAI - the ceremonie in july 2018

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In the life of a Zen practitioner, the ceremony of Jukai is a crucial step. It consists in receiving the precepts (Kai) of the Bodhisattva and, by doing so, of taking refuge in the three treasures: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.

Informations about Jukai's ceremonies in year 2018


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Different rituals are associated with this ceremony, making the whole one particularly strong moment:

  • writing a letter to master Wang-Genh to express one’s wish to receive the precepts and describing one’s path.
  • having an individual conversation with the Jukai Master
  • symbolically cutting the first lock of hair during the ceremony
  • receiving a rakusu and a name of ordination
  • and for those who sew, spending long hours, concentrated in the sewing room with the senior monks and nuns, such as Anette Seigyo Beck, the sewing instructor.




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Two days of teaching devoted to the precepts will precede the sesshin during which the various ceremonies will take place.


For whom?

This ceremony is opened to all who aspire to receive the sixteen precepts of the Bodhisattva.

If you haven’t hand-sewn the rakusu, you will be able to get it at the temple (100 euros).











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There will be two ceremonies of Jukai in 2018:

Tuesday, January 23th (in the evening) to Sunday, January 28th (3:00)

Tuesday, July 10th (at the evening) at the Sunday, July 15th (3:00)


Financial participation:

For the whole ceremony: 208 euros/165 euros

Recording expenses: 50 euros

A gift (fuse) for the teacher



please make your request at the Temple secretariat info@meditation-zen.org


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