Long Stays

At certain moments in our lives it can be beneficial to take a break from our routines for a few months, which can help resolve essential questions about the direction of our lives and our existence on this planet. The setting provided by a monastery is ideal for this purpose; it provides distance from our normal habits and routines while offering meaningful social interactions within a community. 

In daily life, practitioners can easily abandon themselves to the rhythm of the zen monastery. This allows them to concentrate fully on each of their actions and re-learn the joy in the simple things in life. Within the community, practitioners also re-learn what it means harmonize with others in spite of our many different strengths and limitations. 










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Prices :

One month stay: €415  / €305

The prices listed are valid from January 1, 2019 and are subject to change. For more information please contact the secretary





Association membership : €15 per year ( necessary for participation in activities at the monastery). 

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