cérémonie Hatto

Hossen Shiki ceremony for Walter Eko Krepulat

Hossen Shiki or "Dharma Fight" is a very special moment in the life of any monk or nun in the Soto Zen tradition, as it is the renewal of their commitment to the Dharma, a pledge given in public, under the guidance of the monastery master. Although highly ritualised, built around precise words and gestures, the ceremony offers a beautiful emotion shared by all.

All those who wish to come to the temple on this occasion are welcome.

We will have the pleasure of welcoming Reverend Shoten Minegishi to Ryumonji Monastery. He is responsible for Soto Zen in Europe and will preside as Jokeshi over the Hossen Shiki ceremony of the monk Walter Eko Krepulat.

All health security rules are in place at Ryumonji. They will be communicated to you upon arrival.
We ask for a personal commitment to respect them. This is to take care of our health as well as that of others. Please bring a negative PCR or antigenic test less than 48 hours old. Those with a complete vaccination can also bring a certificate of vaccination.

cérémonie Hatto

This ceremony will take place on Sunday 5h of September at 11:00. It is open to all and will be followed by a meal.

If you would like to participate you need to register with the secretary:


or send a mail to

Walter Eko

Walter Eko Krepulat - I have been interested in Zen Buddhism since I was a teenager, but it took me a few more years to practice it, during a summer camp at the Gendronnière temple in 1987. This practice answered all the questions I had and I have stuck to it until today.

In 1990 Master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh gave me the precepts and, with his support, I founded the Zen dojo in Stuttgart, which I am responsible for. Six years later, he gave me the monk's ordination.
I was actively involved in the construction of Ryumonji Monastery from the beginning and for some years now, together with Anette Seigyo Beck, I have been sharing the responsibility for sewing at the monastery

At the invitation of Master Reigen Wang-Genh, I spent three months of ango as shusso (first monk) at Ryumonji Monastery. I am sincerely grateful to him for offering me this real opportunity to deepen my practice and to live new experiences. This period now ends with the Hossen Shiki ceremony.

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