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My first sesshin 2-3 October

Experience your first retreat in a Zen temple!

This sesshin, open to all, is particularly aimed at beginners in Zen practice. 

It is intended for people who wish to discover zazen and daily life in a temple. Lectures and exchanges between participants will clarify the spirit of a sesshin, the meaning of the ceremonies and the practice in general.

The programme includes zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), teachings and a silent ritual meal. Participants experience the Soto Zen practice that has been passed down through the centuries and permeates all aspects of daily life. 


A good opportunity for some to take the plunge, and for others to refresh their knowledge!


The sesshin will take place on 2nd and 3rd of October. Arrival on Friday 2nd of October at 5pm. Introductory lecture at around 7pm. Departure on Sunday 3rd of October after lunch.

All health and safety regulations are in place at Ryumonji. They will be communicated to you when you register.
We ask for your personal commitment to respect them. This is to take care of our health as well as that of others. Please bring a negative PCR or antigen test less than 48 hours old. Persons with fully completed vaccine can bring a certificate of vaccination instead.


(Teaching, accommodation and meals included)

  • Compleat retreat: 179 € / 145 € (for students and job seekers) 
  • Bed sheet rental: 6 €.
  • To participate in the activities of the monastery, you must be a member of the Weiterswiller Zen Temple Association. Annual membership fee: 15 €


(via email to


  • For meditation (zazen): kimono OR comfortable dark clothes for the practice. If you have a zafu (black or brown meditation cushion), you can bring it. 
  • For meals: bowl + spoon + fork + a large dark napkin to wrap the bowl + a small white handkerchief-type napkin
  • For the beds: single duvet cover + single fitted sheet + pillowcase - sleeping bags are not allowed. 
  • For everyday use: shoes and work clothes, sandals or flip-flops (easy to remove), slippers for indoors 
  • It is possible to borrow certain items on site. 

Please note: mobile phones must be completely switched off in the monastery. It is possible to make phone calls in the car parks. 


By train
If you'll arrive at Ingwiller station, please coordinate your arrival with the office.

03 88 89 26 02 (Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30am-12pm).

VIDEO - Sagesses Bouddhistes program "The importance of retreats in Zen" 2013 (In FRENCH)

A Buddhist Wisdom broadcast with Master Reigen Wang-Genh, abbot of Ryumonji monastery in Alsace.

Interview with Aurelie Godefroy.


A sample programme (subject to change)



Arrival + introductory lecture

8:30pm Lunch in silence taken with bowls
9pm Workshop to discover Zen meditation - zazen - 
and walking meditation - kinhin
10:30pm Sleep



06:30am Wake up
07:00am Zazen - 30 minutes - kinhin - 10 minutes - zazen - 25 minutes
08:15am Morning Ceremony
Dedicating one's practice for the sake of all beings
08:45am Lunch in silence
10:00am Conference for beginners
11:00am Zazen - 30 minutes, kinhin - 10 minutes, teisho -
Teaching of Master Wang-Genh
12:30pm Lunch in silence
1:00pm Tea, coffee, dessert
2:45pm Samu  - service to the community 
cooking, cleaning, gardening...
4pm Tea break
4:15pm - 5:00pm Workshop on deepening the posture of zazen
5:30pm Zazen - 30 minutes, kinhin - 10 minutes,
Mondo - Q&A with Master Wang-Genh
6:45pm Lunch in silence
8:30pm Zazen - 30 minutes, kinhin - 10 minutes, mondo -
Then ceremony for the end of the day
10:15pm Sleep




Wake up

06:30am Zazen -  30 minutes - kinhin - 10 minutes - zazen - 25 minutes
07:45am Morning ceremony, dedicating one's practice for the good of all beings
08:15am Genmai - meal in silence
08:45am Tea, coffee, brioche
09:30- 10:30am Samu (service to the community): cooking, cleaning, gardening...
11:00am Zazen - 30 minutes, kinhin - 10 minutes, teisho -
Teaching of Master Wang-Genh
12:30pm Lunch 
1:00 pm Tea, coffee, dessert
2pm Tidying up - END



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