Dear friends of Ryumonji,

This morning of sesshin on the last day of the year, a nice layer of snow dressed the temple and the footsteps of the Shusso showed us the way to the dojo.

May this new year allow us to continue to put our steps in those of the elders. On the path of the Buddha and of our daily life, it is their example that we follow.
It is he who allows us to advance with stability in this complex world.

I wish you a year full of joy and discoveries, a year in which light and darkness will play hide and seek more than ever. A year in which we will be able to enter flexibly into this surprising game: that of fragile stability and continuous change.

Take care of yourself and others, stay healthy.
I wish you all the best for 2021!

Fraternal friendships,

Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh

Abbot of Ryumonji

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