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practice with us on ZEN-ONLINE

After a week's closure, the practice of Gyoji resumes at Ryumonji. We offer you to follow the meditations every day from your home: zazen, ceremonies, teachings, questions and answers. You will find the schedule below.

If you cannot come to sesshin, you can also take part in sesshin from your home.  On September 4-5 and 6, the sesshin for the new school year is already full. Continue your practice with us on ZEN ONLINE! You will find all the schedules at the bottom of the page.


Zen-On-line is of course free of charge. But the temple would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation. Indeed, during this period when all the activities are limited, the running costs do not stop. : HELLO ASSO (Link) or by bank transfer (number) or via Paypal (Link)MAKE A DONATION

You can make a donation on :

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