summer retreats

Summer retreats

Since the time of the Buddha, certain periods of the year have been dedicated to long term spiritual retreats. These originally corresponded to the rainy season. 

Since then, this tradition has been carried on, and is now also being continued in Europe. A rare opportunity to withdraw from the world and devote oneself to the practice of zazen - Zen meditation. 

At Ryumonji Monastery, throughout the day, each activity allows for the practice of concentration to be fully experienced in the present moment. 

The participants follow the daily routine of the nuns and monks: Zen meditation (zazen), teachings, samu (service for the community), ceremonies. 

All teachings are given by Master Reigen Wang-Genh, who is assisted by experienced nuns and monks. 

Between June and August, several retreats are offered to allow practitioners to come and really immerse themselves in the heart of Zen practice for a long period.

Here are the different activities offered in the summer of 2022


Sesshin 10 - 12 June

Family sesshin 18 - 19 June

Long term retreat 24 June - 24 July

Sesshin 24 - 26 June



Zen and creativity 7 - 10 July

First summer retreat 11 - 17 July

My first sesshin 22 - 24 July

Kesa sewing 22 - 24 July



Second summer retreat 13 - 21 August

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