Donations and Bequests

Why Donate?

To support the continued construction of the Buddhist Chapel created in 2011. It is by virtue of your support that the Monastery exists. Thank you!


How to make a Donation:

A religious association was founded in 2006 to allow donors to make their contribution take deductible.

As such, legislation of 2012 has instituted a reduction in personal taxes by 66% of the donation, to a limit of 20% of taxable income.  


A receipt will be issued for your income tax declaration. 

You may choose to make an annual conrtibution, or you can spread your donation throughout the year by fixed monthy automatic donations. This second method allows the temple to regularly put your contribution to use in ongoing projects.  


Cheques and bank transfers should be addressed to "Association Bouddhiste Zen Sôtô du Temple Ryumon Ji" :

Bank : CREDIT MUTUEL Strasbourg Europe

83, Avenue Jean Jaurès, 67100 STRASBOURG

Account Number : 00020423501 clé 94

Bank Code : 10278

Desk Code : 01009

IBAN : FR76 1027 8010 0900 0204 2350 194


The association is also permitted to receive bequests (conditions apply) 

For more information, contact Annie Sandkoul at the temple office.


It´s thanks to the support of our donors that the temple exists. Thank you!

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