Spring retreat - 9 days - zen buddhism and meditation - may 2019

The 9 day spring retreat is an opportunity to discover or deepen the practice of zen meditation and to experience monastic life in a buddhist temple. From friday the 3rd of may (6pm) to sunday the 12th of may 2019 (3pm)

A spring retreat - spring 2019 - 9 days of practice


From friday may 3rd (6pm) to sunday 12th may (3pm)


Days in the temple are divided between meditation (zazen), teachings, ceremonies, meals taken in silence, working for the community (samou) and time to meet with others. 

The first four days there are 3 sessions of zazen per day. 
The last four days there are 4 sessions of zazen per day.
(Tuesday evening until wednesday 5pm is free time. There is a convivial meal on tuesday evening and brunch on wednesday morning)

Beginners are assisted by experienced monks and nuns.


During this whole period teaching is given by the monastery abbot, Master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh, assisted by monks and nuns.




(Teaching, accomodation and food included)

- Full retreat : 305 € / 233 € (students, unemployed)

- First five days ( friday evening to wednesday morning ) : 166 € / 129 € (étudiants, chômeurs)

- Last four days,  sesshin : 156 € / 120 € (students, unemployed)

+ 15 € membership of the association ATZW.

+ Rental of sheets : 6 €


























TO BRING for meditation (zazen)  : kimono OR comfortable dark clothing + zafu (black or brown meditation cussion),

For meals : bowl + spoon + fork + one big dark cloth to wrap the bowl + a small white napkin or hankerchief.

For bedding : duvet cover for a single bed + fitted bottom sheet + pillow case – Not a sleeping bag.

Pour le quotidien : Work clothes and shoes, sandals or flip flops (something easy to put on and take off), slippers for inside the house.

Some of these items can be borrowed from the temple.

Please note : mobile phones must be switched off in the monastery. It is possible to telephone from the carpark.



By train

If you wish to arrive via the station at Ingwiller please arrange this with the secretariat.

Transport Ingwiller-Temple costs : 4 €


Monastère Ryumon Ji

7, rue du château d'eau

67340 Weiterswiller - Alsace - FRANCE


03 88 89 26 02 (du mardi au dimanche, 9h30-12h).


Facebook : Zen Tempel Kosanryumonji

Twitter : BouddhismeZEN

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