Long term retreat - 3 weeks during june and july - student rates

This three week long retreat in june/july 2019 is an opportunity to discover or develope the practice of zen meditation and to experience monastic life in a buddhist temple. Two sessions are planned this summer : from the 20th of june to the 14th of july and from the 29th of june to the 22nd of july.

The days in the temple are divided between meditation sessions (zazen), teachings, ceremonies, meals taken in silence, community work (samou) and time for more convivial exchanges

Beginners are assisted by experienced monks and nuns. During the whole periode there will be teaching by the abbot of the monastery 


Master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh assisted by monks and nuns.

These long retreats include a weekend sesshin - a period of intensive seated meditation practice and teaching. Practitioners come from France, Germany and the whole of Europe.


For more information on the program for a typical day (not during a sesshin) please see




Special conditions for  «Long term retreats» JUNE

3 weeks of practice from thursday 20th june (6pm) to sunday 14th july (3pm)  415 € / 305 € (students/unemployed).

This rate includes the june sesshin and the beginners sesshin in july. Other activities are extra.
Please add : 

+ 15 € membership of the temple association ATZW.

+ Sheet rental : 6 €



Special conditions for the «long term retreat» JULY

3 weeks of practice from friday the 29th june (6pm) to sunday the 22 of july (3pm) 

 415 € / 305 € (students/unemployed).

This tarif includes the beginners sesshin in july and the four day sesshin in mid july. Other activities are extra.
Please add : 

+ 15 € membership of the temple association ATZW.

+ Sheet rental : 6 €



For meditation (zazen) : kimono OR confortable, loose dark clothing and a zafu (black or brown meditation cushion),

For meals : bowl + spoon + fork + a large serviette made of a dark cloth in which to wrap the bowl + a small white serviette (handkerchief),

Bedding : Eiderdown cover, bottom sheet and pillow case for a single bed.

Other : Shoes and clothes for work, sandals or flip flops (easy to slip in or out of), slippers for indoors.

Some of these things can be borrowed from the temple.


If you will be via train to Ingwiller station please inform the secretariat of the time of your arrival. Transport from the station to the temple costs 4 euros.


Monastère Ryumon Ji

7, rue du château d'eau

67340 Weiterswiller - Alsace - FRANCE


03 88 89 26 02 (du mardi au dimanche, 9h30-12h).

Facebook : Zen Tempel Kosanryumonji

Twitter : BouddhismeZEN


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