Summer retreats - meditation and buddhism - june, july august, september 2020

Several retreat periods are offered by the buddhist monastery Ryumonji (Alsace, France) during the summer. There is a special reduced rate if you come for a three week period of zen buddhist practice and meditation (zazen). Beginners are welcome to attend during this summer period, there will be introductions organised specifically for them and a monk or nun will be available to assist them.


Since the Buddha's time certain periods of the year have been spent in spiritual retreats. These originally happened during the rainy season. This is an excellent chance to retire from the world to deepen or learn zen practice. During the whole summer beginners are welcome. Special introductions are organised for them and they will be assisted by a monk or nun.





Teaching will be given by  Maître Reigen Wang-Genh, assisted by experienced monks and nuns.



JUNE 2020


Special rate "Long term retreat" : 3 weeks of practice from vendredi 26 june (6pm) to sunday 19 july (3pm). 415 € / 305 € ( étudiants, chômeurs )

This rate includes the two sesshins but not Jukai. Other activities are charged separately.




From thursday the 4th (6pm) to sunday 7th of june (3pm) : sesshin ( zen meditation retreat) Four meditation sessions per day, ceremonies, community activities, meals in silence, beginners welcome.

Tarif : 135 € / 103 €


From friday the 26th of june (6pm) to sunday the 28th  of june (3pm) : Family sesshin Four meditation sessions per day, teaching by Zen master Olivier Wang-Genh, activities for children organised by members of the sangha

Cost : 175 € / 142 €


JULY 2020

A « Long term retreat» at a special rate : 3 weeks of practice from friday the 26th of june (6pm) to sunday the 19th of july (3pm) 415 € / 305 € ( students/unemployed) - This retreat includes the two sesshins but not Jukai. Other activities are charged separately.


Night of saturday the 4th to sunday 5th of july 

Zazen night in the forest

Cost 38€ / 28€


From the monday 6th (5pm) to friday 10th july

Retreat "Zen and Creativity"

392 € / 285 €
(258 € / 161 € Kesa sewing)

  • - Zen shiatsu and do-in  / Communication through touch Zen and calligraphy 
  • - Harmonising the use of the body and the art of caligraphy
  • - Zen and Qi Gong
  • - Zen and Integral Yoga
  • - Zen and kesa sewing


From wednesday 10th (6pm) to sunday 14th july (3pm) : sesshin zen meditation retreat. 4 meditation sessions per day, ceremonies, samou (community activity), meals in silence. Beginners welcome.

Cost : 128 € / 101 €

( There will be a precept taking ceremony during this sesshin : Details here)


From friday 10th of july (6pm) to sunday 12th july (3pm)

First sesshin - Meditation retreat for beginners
Cost : 175 € / 142 €


Kesa sewing weekend with A. Seigyo Beck et W. Eko Krepulat

From thursday 16th (6pm) to sunday 19th of july 53pm)
Cost : 122 € / 78 €




SESSHIN - Zen meditation retreat
4 meditation sessions per day, ceremonies, samou, meals taken in silence. Beginners welcome.
Cost : 135 € / 103 €

During this sesshin : Taking the precepts ceremony - JUKAI
Ceremonies from tuesday 14th t6pm) to sunday 19th of july (3pm)


In the life of a soto zen practitioner the Jukai ceremony is an essential step. It concerns the reception of the Bodhisattva precepts (Kai) and, in so doing, taking refuge in the three treasures : Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.

Who is this for?

This ceremony is open to anybody who aspires to receive the sixteen Bodhisattva precepts and everybody interested in this idea.

How to go about it?

Please send your request to the temple secretariat -



Le monastère est fermé du dimanche 19 juillet (15h) au vendredi 27 juillet (17h) : la « Sesshin de la Grande Sangha » a lieu au même moment au temple zen de La Gendronnière :





2 weeks of practice from monday 10th august (6pm) to sunday 23 august 3pm)
Cost : 415 € / 305  € students - unemployed. This tarif includes the intensive 9 day retreat.


From monday 10th (6pm) to friday 14th 53pm)Du lundi 10 (18h) au vendredi 14 août (15h)

COST : 113 € / 95 €


9 day summer retreat.

From friday14 (6pm) to sunday 23rd of august (3pm) 


This 9 day retreat is divided into two parts. From the friday evening to the tuesday evening the program includes meditation sessions, teaching, samou (work for the community) and rituals. Some free time is also included.

From wednesday evening to sunday midday there is a period more intensely centered on zazen, zen meditation. 

Cost :

Whole sesshin : 325 € / 238 €
First five days : 187 € / 132 €
Last four days : 171 € / 122 €



From thursday 3rd (6pm) to sunday 8th (3pm) of september.
Cost : 135 € / 103 €

For the beginning of the school year we are proposing a period of retreat in complete silence at Ryumonji monastery. This will be an opportunity, for 3 days to calm the spirit in good conditions and to learn or deepen one's practice of zen meditation (zazen). Beginners welcome. 

For all activities membership of the temple association is obligatory : 15 €


Monastère bouddhiste zen Ryumonji

7, rue du château d'eau

67 340 Weiterswiller

03 88 89 26 02 ( from tuesday to sunday mornings )

Facebook : « Zen Tempel Kosanryumonji »

Twitter : « BouddhismeZEN »

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