Workshops Qi-Gong & zen meditation

During this weekend you will practice the art of Qi Gong while at the same time participating in life in a traditional zen monastery. There will be an introduction to zen meditation, zazen, on the evening you arrive and two sessions of meditation each day  as well as ceremonies and meals taken in silence.

Qi Gong

The QiGong exercises (Qi= Energie vitale; Gong = exercices) introduced during this workshop were developped centuries ago in China. They are intended to impove the body's energy flows and contribute to maintaining good health.

Through certain simple mouvements blockages and muscular tensions are removed and posture improved.

This workshop is intended both for beginners and more advanced practitionners of QiGong who wish to spend a few days practicing in the calm of the monastery.

The Teacher :

Stefan Reimon Müller-Hieke is a zen  monk who has been practicing QiGong for 20 years with different masters. He trained as a teacher with the Shaolin monk Shi Xingui as well as with disciples of the American Taoist Bruce-Frantzis.

Dates and costs are available on the calendar page.

Das Team des SWR hat einen Kurzfilm über das Alltagsleben eines Zen-Mönchs gedreht. Er zeigt, wie man heute als Zen-Mönch mit einer authentischen buddhistischen Praxis in Deutschland leben kann.


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