Zen at work


« To practice is simply to be comepletely engaged in whatever you are doing. If you are completely engaged, each and every thing you do is zazen. Walking is zen, sitting is zen. Whether you speak or remain silent, whether you are active or at rest, your body will be calm and peaceful.  »

Kodo Sawaki, Day After Day, a Good Day


Stress is among the leading causes of illness in the 21st century

The world health organization has ranked stress among the leading health risks of the 21st century. In fact, between 50%-60% of breaks from work in Europe are due to stress. These troubling numbers are but the tip of the iceburg; stress also weakens the immune system, making people more susceptible to the common cold and flu. It can also indirectly cause back problems and other bodily injuries.  

Stress : one of the largest economic burdens of our time 

Not only does stress have a negative impact on health, it is also a great economic burden.  As such, employers and managers research efficient methods of avoiding this problem. In this context zazen is becoming more and more popular.  For more information, please follow the links calendrier and infos pratiques. 




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