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On this page you can find all news related to the construction of the new dojo! You can follow and support this beautiful collaborative project here:

nouveau dojo

Le dojo est le lieu central dans un monastère zen. C’est là que les nonnes, moines et résidents pratiquent chaque matin tôt et chaque soir le zazen, la méditation assise, immobile et sans objet. C’est là aussi que se déroulent les sesshin, les retraites intensives de plusieurs jours, deux fois par mois.

Nous souhaitons ouvrir ce dojo au grand public, chaque jour de 08h du matin à 18h le soir. Chacun pourra venir librement s’y recueillir, la seule condition étant de respecter le lieu et le silence ambiant.

The dojo is the central place in a Zen monastery. It is here that nuns, monks and residents practice zazen, sitting meditation, immobile and without objects, every morning and evening. It is also where sesshin, intensive retreats lasting several days, take place twice a month.

We wish to open this dojo to the general public, every day from 8am to 6pm. Everyone will be free to come and meditate here, the only condition being to respect the place and the surrounding silence.

A place of silence

nouveau dojo


To participate in the creation of this place is not only to practice generosity but also to offer the next generations a healthy, peaceful  place radiating on the world!


The building will be a low energy building and built with materials from our beautiful Vosges and Alsace region. It will be part of a meditative and educational "walk" where young and old alike will be able to discover all aspects of the teachings and practices of the Soto Zen tradition.

plans nouveau dojo

nouveau dojo

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