cérémonie jukai

Message from Master Wang-Genh

Dear friends of Ryumonji,

The JUKAI retreat scheduled for January 20-24, 2021 is maintained and reserved in priority for those who wish to receive the precepts of the Bodhisattva.

Arrival takes place on Tuesday 19/1 at 6 pm and departure on Sunday 24/1 after lunch.

The first two days will be devoted to teachings on the precepts.

The next three days will be devoted to sesshin and also following these teachings.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning will be the two main ceremonies of Jukaï.

This particular period shows us how valuable and stabilizing the practice of zazen and a determined ethical commitment can be.
If you would like to participate in this Jukaï week and receive the precepts, please send your request to my attention, by email to the following address:

You will then be informed of all the steps to follow and how it will unfold.

A negative Covid test of less than 48 hours is essential. All health security rules are respected at Ryumonji.

Hoping to see you on this occasion,

Fraternal friendships,

Olivier Reïgen WANG-GENH

Abbot of Ryumonji

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