Olivier Wang-Genh

Biography of Master Reigen Wang-Genh

Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh has been practicing sôtô zen since 1973. He was ordained by Master Taisen Deshimaru in March 1977 who he followed to many sesshin (meditation retreats) in France and throughout Europe until Master Deshimaru´s death in 1982. During these nine years, he practiced at the dojo in Strasbourg which was directed by Jean Shogen Baby. He also actively participated in developing the Starsbourg dojo which he started to direct in 1986.

In 1987, he began to found numerous dojos in the main cities of Bademberg with the help of many German practitioners. He has founded dojos in Freiburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Mannheim as well as in the main cities of Alsace: Mulhouse, Colmar, Sélestat, Benfeld… Thus the dojo in Strasbourg has become a regional zen centre that coordinates Zen Buddhist activity with all the dojos in the Vosges region. Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh began ordaining monks and nuns in 1992 thus creating a sangha (community) comprised of monks, nuns, and lay people. 

As such, with the help of the regional sangha, he founded Kosan Ryumon Ji Monastery in 1999 in Weiterswiller, Alsace (France). A dozen monks and nuns decided to join him in a practice of monastic life in accord with the traditional regulations of a Sôtô Zen Monastery.

In 2001, Olivier Regien Wang-Genh received the Dharma transmission from Master Dôshô Saikawa. Then, in 2011, Olivier passed on Dharma transmission to his oldest disciple, Konrad Tenkan Beck.

Master Wang-Genh is delegate president of the Buddhist Union of France, a group of the majority of Buddhist schools in France. He is also president of the International Zen Association which is composed mostly of Master Deshimaru's oldest disciples.


To support your zazen practice - zen meditation - Master Wang-Genh has recorded a series of thematic videos. They are available in French, with English subtitles. You need to enable the subtitles. The views were taken at the Zen monastery Ryumonji ( Alsace) where Master Wang-Genh most often resides.

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