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Zazen, seated meditation, is the practice which allowed the Buddha to attain enlightenment 2600 years ago. It is the heart of Zen Buddhism, during which attention is placed on the exact alignment of the posture, the natural flow of the breath, and the rise and fall of thoughts.  Zazen is also known as Shikantaza or simply sitting. Regular practice of zazen generates a peaceful mind, a clear spirit, and can create true stability in the midst of the many challenges inherent in human existence. The secret of Zen is to simply sit, without goals or expectations of profit, while focused on the seated posture.

Zazen the movie

Documentary filmed in Zen Temple Ryumon Ji at Weiterswiller in Alsace.

Audio talk of Master Wang-Genh

Teisho given during the retreat from february 2015 about the story of the old man who wanted to live forever. The magic of kito and finally the question of why we practice zazen.


Audio talk of Master Wang-Genh

Teisho given during the retreat from summer 2014 on the place we give to our emotions and thoughts.


"If you realize that zazen is the key to understanding the order of the universe, you will be like a dragon who can swim or a tiger who rediscovers the depths of the forest." (Master Dogen, XIII century)

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