Where to Practice?

To begin the practice of Zen Buddhism and sitting meditation (zazen), several possibilities are available to you:

Find a dojo near you

These are practice centres in cities that organize meditation sessions once or several times a week. Almost every medium-sized city in Europe has a dojo. Here are different ways to find them:

Retreat at Ryumonji Monastery

You can come for a few days or for several months. The different retreats possibilities are described in the following section : Activities and retreats.

These retreats will allow you to learn Zazen, Zen meditation and to share the daily life of monks and nuns. Some themes: sesshin (intensive meditation retreat), silent retreat, Zen at work, family retreat, plant care...

Learning meditation at Ryumonji monastery

Upon request, a discovery session of Zen meditation (zazen) can be organized. It is led by an experienced monk or nun.

Information : 03 88 89 26 02

Zazen (Zen meditation) times at the monastery:

Monday 6:45 pm
Tuesday 6:30am & 6:15pm
Wednesday 6:30am & 6:15pm
Thursday 6:30am & 6:15pm
Friday 6:30am & 6:15pm
Saturday 7:00am & 18:15pm
Sunday 7:00pm

Sessions open to the public: do not hesitate to join us!

Please arrive 15 minutes before the indicated time. Prior registration recommended: 03 88 89 26 02.

Please note: depending on the week's programme, these times may change. To check the schedule, please call us in the morning between 9:30 and 12:00 am on 03 88 89 26 02 (except Monday - week-end ok).

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