Several samou weeks (voluntary work in the service of the community) are planned at Ryumonji, to prepare for the inauguration of the new dojo (140€ / 105€ for under 25s, students and jobseekers). Beginners are welcome, with a special welcome for them.

Many weekend and week-long programs are held at the monastery to allow practitioners to discover or deepen Zen Buddhist practice. These programs are open to beginners who can learn from the experience of the monks and nuns at the temple. 


Sesshin  Meditation Retreat

My First Sesshin Retreat for Beginners

Silent retreats  RohatsuGotan-e Sesshin and Sesshin in silence

Zen and Creativity Kesa sewing, Calligraphy, Shiatsu, Essential oils and Qi Gong

Samou weeks voluntary work in the service of the community

Family retreats

Summer Retreats

Jukai ceremony

Zaïke Retreat

VIDEO - Presentation of the monastery on the channel Alsace 20 TV

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