Summer Retreat - JULY + JUKAI


Since the time of the Buddha, certain periods of the year have been devoted to long-term spiritual retreats. These periods originally corresponded to the rainy season. Since then, this tradition has been perpetuated in Europe. A rare opportunity to withdraw from the world and devote yourself to the practice of zazen, the meditation of the Sôtô Zen tradition of Zen Buddhism.

At Ryumonji monastery, every activity throughout the day is an opportunity to devote yourself entirely to the practice of concentration, to live fully in the present moment. 

The retreatants follow the daily routine of the nuns and monks: Zen meditation(zazen), teachings, samu (voluntary work in the service of the community) and ceremonies.

The sesshin (Zen meditation retreat)  will take place from 13 to 21 July.  

During this retreat, the Jukai ceremony - receiving the precepts - will take place. The teachings on the precepts will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday + the ceremony on Sunday. For all those wishing to receive the precepts during the Jukai ceremony, arrival is on the evening of 12 July.
More information on the Jukai ceremony

The retreat is divided into two parts:

  • Arrival: evening of 12 July 
  • Preparation: (3 zazen per day) : From 13 July (6pm) to 17 July. The timetable is divided between meditation, teaching, samu (voluntary activity in the service of the community) and rituals.

The teachings on the precepts will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. These teachings on the theme of 'Jukai' are open to everyone, even to people who have already done the ceremony or who may wish to receive the precepts at a later date.

  • Sesshin (4 zazens a day): From Wednesday evening 17 July (6pm) to Sunday 21 (2.30pm ), a more intensive period focused on zazen, Zen meditation. Jukai ceremony.


(Enseignement, hébergement et repas inclus)

  • For the full retreat: 376€ / 258 € for students and unemployed)
  • Sesshin from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 January: 191 € / 138 €
  • Registration fee for those attending the Jukai ceremony: 50 €
  • Have a donation (fuse) ready for the teacher.
  • Bed sheet rental: 6 €
  • To participate in the activities of the monastery, you must be a member of the Association of the Zen Temple of Weiterswiller. Annual fee: 15 €. 

In order to register, please write an email to:  

INFORMATION : The Community of Communes of Hanau La Petite Pierre has introduced a tourist tax on the territory to contribute to the development of tourism activities. This tourist tax is applicable from May 1st 2022 at a rate of 80 cents per person per night (to pay in addition to the sesshin, amount may vary in 2024).


  • For meditation (zazen): kimono OR comfortable, dark clothing for practice. If you have a zafu (black or brown meditation cushion), you can bring it. 
  • For meals: bowl + spoon + fork + a large dark napkin to wrap the bowl + a small white handkerchief-type napkin
  • For the beds: single duvet cover + single fitted sheet + pillowcase - Sleeping bags not allowed. 
  • For everyday use: shoes and work clothes, sandals or flip-flops (to be removed easily), slippers for indoors 
  • Please bring biodegradable hygiene products.
  • Possibility to borrow some items on site. 

Some items are for sale at the temple store. 

Note: mobile phones must be completely switched off throughout the monastery in order to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Possibility to make phone calls in the car parks.


By train
If you need to arrive at Ingwiller station, please coordinate your arrival with the secretariat.


A Typical "Daily Life" Day

6:00 a.m Shinrei  - Wake-up bell
6:30 a.m Zazen - sitting meditation1 or 2 periodes
7:30 a.m Choka - ceremony for the good all beings
8:00 a.m Genmai - ritual breakfast in silence
8:30 a.m Coffee - tea - toast
9:30 - 12:00 a.m Samou - community activity
12:30 - 1:00 p.m Meal in silence
1.00 - 2.45 p.m Break - personal study
2:45 - 5:30 p.m Samou - community activity
5:30 p.m Break - personal study
6:45 p.m Zazen - sitting meditation1 or 2 periodes
8:15 p.m Evening meal
9:30 p.m Kaichin - bedtime


To support your zazen practice - zen meditation - Master Wang-Genh has recorded a series of thematic videos. They are available in French, with English subtitles. You need to enable the subtitles. The views were taken at the Zen monastery Ryumonji (Alsace) where Master Wang-Genh most often resides.



As a participant, we offer you the opportunity to organise car pooling so that you can share the cost while reducing your carbon footprint. And all this while sharing a moment of conviviality with other retreatants :)

The link for the carpooling will be published later.




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