Message from master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh - 14 April 2020

Dear friends of the sangha,

In order to help you practice with ZEN ON LINE in the coming weeks, here is the program for the next sesshin. 

I hope you and your families and loved ones are in good health.

We have been saying it a lot these last few days: this period of retreat and lockdown forces us to change our behavioral habits and especially to question our lifestyles and social functioning. What can be felt as frustration and restriction can also be experienced as a great opportunity for change and reflection on ourselves and our relationship to the world and to life.

Our daily practice of Zen meditation is a real treasure in this period and all the sangha present at Ryumonji have been mobilized for several weeks and thank you for your support.
Let's continue to practice together "ON LINE"!

We will also organize days of practice "ON LINE", information will be communicated week after week. All daily schedules remain the same, except of course during sesshin.

Fraternal friendships,

Olivier Reigen WANG-GENH

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